Why Billionaire Novogratz Is Short Stocks and Credit, Long on Bitcoin

Apr.13 — Billionaire Mike Novogratz, Galaxy Investment Partners chief executive officer, discusses his short call for equities and credit, and the outlook for Bitcoin with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.”


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15 Thoughts to “Why Billionaire Novogratz Is Short Stocks and Credit, Long on Bitcoin”

  1. A Z

    Don’t listen to Nova! He has maintained being wrong on BTC AND ETH for YEARS!!!!

  2. I think a problem with Bitcoin is that if it becomes too much of a threat to fiat currency then some people in government will do something to get in the way of it. Right now I think it's following the greater fool theory rather than being able to replace fiat currencies as of this time. However I'm keeping watch on the SOV currency of the Marshall Islands, which will be the official fiat currency of the country which also will be a cryptocurrency.

  3. So he’s long stocks and credit and short BTC, got it, thanks for the contrarian confirmation Bloomberg

  4. Mike is a gambler/speculator who is talking his book up, not an awful thing but also not something you need to heed either.

  5. Bitcoin is trash and has zero intrinsic value. What a joke🤦🏿‍♂️

  6. I've invested £200.00 in less than 24 hours. The stock on bitcoin in last 16 hours has been hovering from $7100-$6700

  7. The sentiment of top traders on the short-term trend of the Bitcoin price remains mixed after BTC surged by more than five percent within less than six hours from $6,840 to $7,200. Some prominent traders believe that the Bitcoin price could range between $7,700 and $7,300, grinding upwards to the low-$8,000 region. Frank Cole foresee a steep rejection in the $7,700 to $7,900 range, which has been a historically strong area of resistance. My mentor still remains Mr. Frank Cole because of how much his trade strategy and daily signals have been of benefit to me, having grown my portfolio from 0.9 btc to 6.8 btc in four weeks. However, i would still advice people to buy at this price and also trade with the little you hold so as to build a very strong portfolio ahead of the * Bitcoin halving* market. Frank can be contacted via* mail Franktrading99@gmail. com or telegram @ Franktrading99 for all assistance related to crypto issues.

  8. Bitcoin fundamentals at all time high. Much more liquid then it was couple years ago. The fed printing trillions dollars. Bitcoin is good store of value and inflation free!

  9. Halving is coming for Bitcoin. Go long! Buy Bitcoin, avoid other shitcoins at all cost.

  10. same garbage. hype what you invested in then sell the top to the moontwats.

  11. Why is bitcoin not at all time highs? Because people still don’t get it the average Joe doesn’t know what inflation means but once prices on regular items goes up they’ll learn fast

  12. He invested it into the porn industry.👍

  13. Buy when there is blood in the streets


  15. Alot of billionaires and millionaires have been saying lately they are long on bitcoin and gold. Some crazy times coming maybe even a financial reset.

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