Facebook’s Sandberg: Political Ads Are Important Part of the Dialogue

Oct.30 — Facebook Inc. Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg talks about the company’s financial results, its strategy for political advertising and its proposed global cryptocurrency, Libra. Facebook’s third-quarter sales rose a better-than-projected 29%, weathering a period full of regulatory challenges and criticism by boosting advertising revenue and adding 35 million new users to its main social network. Sandberg speaks with Caroline Hyde on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia.”


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6 Thoughts to “Facebook’s Sandberg: Political Ads Are Important Part of the Dialogue”

  1. God I hate facebook. What a bunch of smug mother fuckers. They don’t realize they ruined social.

  2. Political ads, I’ll talk about this on my channel 👍🙏

  3. F** no, they only what money. it's just as excuse

  4. I just can’t trust anything this woman says. No one but mark matters because everyone whose ever gone through Facebook on her level, they’ve left screaming warnings that this is cancerous.

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