Roubini: It’s a Scary Time for the Global Economy

Jul.02 — Nouriel Roubini, chief executive officer at Roubini Macro Associates, discusses the global economy, geopolitical risk, the U.S.-China trade negotiations, the possibility of a global recession, how he thinks we can avoid it, China’s economy and global debt. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia” from the sidelines of the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei.


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17 Thoughts to “Roubini: It’s a Scary Time for the Global Economy”

  1. Guess no one told him about Ripple and the Central banks yet.

  2. This is not about Trump. This is about FAIR TRADE with China. Trump wants free trade. He understands the importance of free trade. CHINA BEEDS TO STOP STEALING and level the trade agreements. That’s the issue.

  3. whatever Roubini thinks… think the opposite

  4. Since the Roman Empire it's been a Scary Time for the Global Economy.

  5. He was a bit nervous…. probably he s under pressure as he has been WRONG for the last several years. LOL . And listening to him speaking I can guarantee you that because of his confidence, all the opposite will happen. Classical economist of my boots who knows everything and certainly knows nothing. He HAS NO IDEA of the forces playing in the economies. AN HONEST PERSON who understands that, WOULD NEVER EVER SPEAKS WITH SUCH A CONFIDENCE.

  6. Shitcoin! He's on fire in this interview.

  7. btc is up 300%, everything was going well until he started talking about crypto. What a bafoon

  8. "Not even this Blockchain Convention accepts Bitcoin."

  9. I can't hear what chinese guy is saying?

  10. roubini is the sky is falling guy we want to ear… hes right crypto is a just a ponzi scheme everybody just buys it to fip it to somebody else total pump and dump scheme.

  11. the US is looking at tech advancement as a zero sum game, not an advancement of humanity. It just showed how far the US has fallen from its leadership position.

  12. "…expansion to a slowdown". Yea good one, the slowdown IS expansion, not a recession.

  13. Roubini…the “no-coiner”

  14. Stop giving this guy a platform hes a total nutjob he just a permabear and wil get it right once in a while. Not someone that comes with revolutionary visions about the markets.

  15. why should mainstreet usa give a damn about the global economy,,,,,,,china and asia can starve to death as far as mainsteet is concerned

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