Why Bank Of America Is Slamming Cryptocurrencies | CNBC

Bank of America’s chief of operations and technology officer says a safe market is a transparent one and the cryptocurrency market is far from transparent.
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Why Bank Of America Is Slamming Cryptocurrencies | CNBC


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21 Thoughts to “Why Bank Of America Is Slamming Cryptocurrencies | CNBC”

  1. Good. Bye BoA! You cannot win this….

  2. Little do they realize, the protection we need is from them.

  3. I laugh when these people say Bitcoin is anonymous.

  4. Lol 😂 wire transfer 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. So what’s transparent of rich folk using offshore bank accounts and other secret bank accounts to evade tax?

  6. And banks are transparent? Lol

  7. So what's up with the security of Swiss???

  8. Say goodbye to inflation lol 👋🏻

  9. It’s not your money 👊👊👊…. we’ve rights to decide what we’re going to do with it …

  10. Time to boycott Bank of America – and all banks that try to tell the people how the can, and can't spend their own money…

  11. Hahaha, comparing fiat money as crypto. It makes me laugh. That is talk for muggles

  12. boa and many other banks hates the fact that the public is turning away from these banks as fast as possible since people just don't want to deal with their corruption anymore.

  13. How ironic being that BOA ceo claims they have more patents in blockchain technology than anyone else

  14. The idea behind bitcoin is to ensure no central authority over a digital currency. period. The idea of fiat, which is essentially "I owe you gold" is to ensure gold is repayable to merchants that earned them in the first place.

  15. Yeah, because the whole concept of having a bank involves enslaving people that have their identities simply stripped to numbers. With cryptocurrency, the shackles are broken, and that makes you scared. Bank of America is going down the toilet. I hope you and your disgusting corporate slave masters end up on your knees

  16. She doesn't get it – people are sick of big banks and the greedy people that run them. She is not interested in protecting the American people – she is only interested in ensuring that she received her offensive bonus each year. Now how transparent are the big bankers bonuses – maybe she ought to be thinking about that.

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